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The VPMS System

The V-Patch system is the worlds first ever product to enable monitoring of patients vital signs in and out of the Hospital environment in real time over wireless networks. V-Patch provides physicians with the tools to effectively manage patients remotely before, during and after hospitalisation, if necessary.

v patchV-Patch technology is for both long and short term monitoring in such diverse fields as cardiac diagnosis, clinical drug trials, cardiac rehabilitation, weight management, post operative surveillance, sports medicine and emergency medicine. The V-Patch is a valuable tool for safely and discretely monitoring “at-risk” patients in real time and in real circumstances without confinement to hospital or limiting mobility in any way.

V-Patch is the result of several years of collaborative product development between V-Patch Medical Systems (VPMS), Intelesens and the Northern Ireland Biomedical Engineering Centre (NIBEC). Both are spin-off companies from the Ulster University in Belfast and have a well- established reputation for excellence in biosensor development having worked extensively with NASA and MIR. The V-Patch’s geographic spread for usability is only limited by the availability of a reliable GSM/GPRS mobile network. This interactive system collects, analyses, stores and reports on human vital signs using advanced patented biosensors, proprietary R-F technology, existing cellular phone hardware and the World Wide Web.


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