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VPMS Components

The V-Patch allows the centralised collection of a range of vital signs from a patient over wireless networks in real time utilising the following components.

The V-Patch is a multi-patented, extended (7 days) but single use biosensor array. It attaches to the skin with sophisticated biodegradable waterproof skin adhesives. The patented donut shaped sensors provide clear and stable ECG signals of diagnostic quality to which the V-Pod is attached. vpms-patch
The V-Pod is a small, non-obtrusive, reusable two-way R-F transceiver that 'snaps' to the V-Patch. On board micro-processor and memory monitors, stores and analyses data collected by the V-Patch and then forwards the information to the matching hand held device (the “V-Cell”). vpms-pod
The V-Cell is a hand held or 'in pocket' device uses a proprietary receiver and cellular phone engine to connect the patient to the internet and from there a variety of IP or MAC addresses including our own V-Central data system. vpms-cell
The V-Central software facilitates the enrolment of physicians and patients into the system. Doctors, after enrolments have an ID and Password set up to access only their patients. Patient data, alarms and alerts are posted to the Doctors own Patient Folio, information and notifications can also be sent to a PDA laptop or other desktop applications. Information can also be sent by fax or SMS text. V-Central-Website

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